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In the British Council Sweden office we specialise in promoting social change, equality and the arts. We work with partners to enrich debates, deliver creative exhibitions, train social entrepreneurs and more!

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The film below will give you a picture of who we are and what we have done with some of our partner organisations in Sweden. Enjoy!


Latest News

Promoting Debating in Sweden – Guest Blog by Lucinda David, Debate Director at Lund Debate Society

  Interest and participation in debating in Sweden has been steadily growing over the past few years. Evidence of this is the emergence of the biggest international debating competition in Sweden to d...

Rethinking national economic development through social innovation – Guest Blog by Mike Emmerich, Chief Executive at New Economy

I am not known as the strongest advocate of the third sector. Yet when I was asked to take part in a British Council roundtable in Stockholm about social innovation, I took the opportunity to revisit my po...

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