A girl enjoying a moderated English course from the British Council.

Led by a British Council moderator, and working with a group of teachers from around the world, these courses have fixed start dates. All our moderators are expert online teacher trainers with many years of experience in various teaching areas. We offer three moderated courses:

Primary Essentials

Primary Essentials is aimed at teachers of English in state or private primary schools, or teachers of English in secondary schools who would like to work in the primary sector.

If you want an introduction to teaching English to young learners aged 7 to 11, this course is for you. Using video, audio and community elements, you will learn the essentials to help you succeed in your teaching.

Find out more on the TeachingEnglish website.

TKT Essentials (Teaching Knowledge Test)

The TKT Essentials course provides an introduction to English language teaching methodology for teachers who want to develop expertise in communicative language teaching. It is suitable for both newly qualified teachers who need to develop knowledge of key concepts in ELT and experienced teachers who want to update their methodology.

TKT Essentials has three modules organised also as two separate courses: TKT Module 1 and TKT Modules 2 & 3.

Find out more on the TeachingEnglish website.

CLIL Essentials (Content and Language Integrated Learning)

This is an online course for teachers who teach school subjects such as geography, history, maths and science in English, in state and private schools. The course is suitable for experienced primary and secondary school teachers, either language teachers supporting subject teachers or subject teachers working in a CLIL context.

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